Aspiration of the Prepatellar Bursa

Learn about a procedure that may help relieve knee pain caused by prepatellar bursitis.

Aspiration of the Prepatellar Bursa

What is Aspiration of the Prepatellar Bursa?

Bursae are small fluid-filled sacs that serve to provide cushioning and reduce friction in joints. Bursitis in the knee is a condition in which a bursa in the knee becomes inflamed, which can cause pain and a reduction in range of motion.

Who needs Aspiration of the Prepatellar Bursa?

This procedure is performed to treat inflammation of the prepatellar bursa, the sac between the patella, or kneecap, and the skin. Prepatellar bursitis may be caused by injury, overuse of the knee, or inflammation. This condition is often seen in occupations that require excessive kneeling, such as plumbers or carpet layers.

What Are the Steps in Aspiration of the Prepatellar Bursa?

Preparing for the Procedure

The patient is placed in a position where the knee is bent at a comfortable angle. The injection site is numbed with local anesthesia.

Fluid is Removed

The doctor carefully inserts a needle into the injection site and into the bursa. This needle is used to drain excess fluid from the bursa in order to ease swelling. If the patient has chronic bursitis, the doctor may also inject corticosteroid medication at this time.

End of Procedure

The needle is removed, and the injection site is bandaged.

After Surgery

After this procedure, patients should begin to feel relief from pain in two to three days.