Kenalog Injections

Kenalog Injections

Kenalog (also known as triamcinolone) is a drug that is used in the management of numerous conditions such as breathing difficulties, arthritis, allergies, skin diseases and blood diseases. It is a steroid drug that is widely accepted as an effective treatment in the management of the above conditions. Here we take a look at this drug in a little more detail.

What are Kenalog Injections?

Kenalog injections are injections of a steroid compound called triamcinolone acetate. This drug is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that works by reducing the immune response in patients who are suffering from immune-related diseases.

When are Kenalog Injections Administered?

Kenalog injections may be given to patients who have allergic skin disorders such as lichen planus and psoriasis, asthma, arthritis and similar joint disorders.

Other common conditions that may require the use of Kenalog injections include allergic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, blood transfusion-related reactions, palliative care of patients with cancer such as lymphoma, ulcerative colitis, skin diseases such as mycosis fungoides and psoriasis and nervous system disorders such as multiple sclerosis. The list of clinical applications is extremely long.

Kenalog injections must be avoided in patients who have had a previous reaction to any components of the drug.

How are Kenalog Injections Administered?

Kenalog can be injected into patients directly into the muscle (intramuscular), into the skin (intradermal) or into the joint (intra-articular).

What are the Side Effects?

There have been some reports of patients developing serious neurological problems once Kenalog has been injected through an epidural injection. For this very reason, it is currently avoided when it comes to injecting it into the spinal column.

Other side effects include an increase in blood pressure, the development of infections and the development of cataracts. Some patients may notice a reduction in the amount of urine they pass, along with the presence of an irregular heartbeat. Changes in mood, depression, anxiety and nervous behavior have been reported. Constant use can result in an increase in body weight.

What is a Dosage of Kenalog?

Kenalog may be injected in doses of 40 mg or 10 mg depending on the clinical requirement. The requirement will be assessed by the treating physician, as will be the duration of treatment.

Clinical Effectiveness

Kenalog injections can be quite effective in the treatment of the above-listed conditions. However, some patients may not notice any difference following a course of therapy. The decision regarding whether or not to take Kenalog injections will be one made following discussions between the doctor and the patient.


Kenalog injections are a popular form of therapy for numerous clinical conditions. Side effect profile of the drug is quite significant, which makes it one that only has to be administered if the benefits outweigh the risks.